6 Reasons A Dream Home Needs an Interior Design Company

6 Reasons A Dream Home Needs an Interior Design Company

An exceptional design is said to evoke powerful emotions that attract you to a particular space that beckons you to come back time and again. A great design is the stuff of memorable homes, however, the questions are, how do you make it to be so? And do you really need help from a professional interior design company to nail the look you desire?

Most of us are willing to spend good money on our homes. Why wouldn’t we when aside from being a domicile this can be a haven or a sanctuary for most. More than just living there, many would prefer that their stay is comfortable and memorable – pretty much just every bit the definition of fine living. For Singaporeans who are looking for a smart and creative way to transform spaces and make it into a home, many would find that a good designer would take them to the heart of it.

The not-so-attractive part about beauty

You might have envisioned a home similar to the ones you’ve seen in home and design magazines, all pristine and well put together. A plush seat set against the beautiful backdrop of a beautiful window accentuated with cascading curtains that have just the right hue to compliment the color of the walls. Yes, this may seem idyllic but it’s the details behind the scenes that tell a different story.

The effort behind creating a good space goes way beyond simply choosing palettes, changing a light, or tossing out old furniture in place of modern ones. It takes a good plan and smart budgeting techniques to pull together a good look that’s also well within the budget. Putting in the time and effort to go to different suppliers can also mean a world of difference, and even that doesn’t come easy.

The task can be daunting especially when you are hesitant to take the first step, and clueless on where to go from there. Furthermore, if you don’t have the eye for aesthetics you could be putting together a hodge-podge of things, albeit beautiful and classy, but it doesn’t create a cohesive story overall.

Not to take out the element of fun out of design, but if you are shelling a fortune to transform spaces then it does pay to be smart about this project. Even in your excitement, it is never wise to dive into a design project without thoroughly planning for it. Better yet, ask for professional help and enjoy the process while you keep your feet on the right track.

Benefits of hiring an interior design company?

The next logical step if you’re not designing your home yourself, or if you don’t want to tough it up alone, would be to hire an interior design company. Singapore is a country which largely embraces beauty as evidenced by its landscapes and structures, which are also reflected in the aesthetics Singaporeans have in home design. With this inclination for fine living many homeowners recognize the importance and difference afforded by professional help.

If you are willing to open up your home to a professional interior design company, here’s what you can expect:

Be in the code

Interior designers are not only good at creating a thing of beauty out of ordinary spaces, they are also aware of the local laws and building codes. These delve on the seemingly boring details, but important nonetheless, and these are required knowledge for interior designers. This task can involve such concerns like plumbing codes, electricity, and safety guidelines. It’s having the knowledge and scope about these things that separates interior designers from decorators.

Getting close to the right suppliers

It’s one thing to shop for furniture or textile, while it’s another to really get them from the sources. Interior designers open up the doors for you as they have connections and access to elite design lines. Adding to that, they can have a long list of suppliers that can give you the best prices.

Brings the Devil out in the Details

A designer has the eye for details and it is in this nature that transforms a room from blah to woah! It’s not always about big and bold statements, but even the slightest details, through the use of color and texture, that  adds a personal touch in your space.

Opens you up to diverse design styles

According to Singapore Home and Design, the trend for 2016 are mixed metals and jewel tones. Now, what an interior designer does, should you wish to go trendy, would be to incorporate this beautifully into your home. They can show you several design approaches way beyond what you can see in magazines. With your personality in mind, they can even spruce up a design concept perfectly suited to your liking.

Work on a budget

One of the major stumbling blocks in design is a ruined budget. Professional help allows you to be in line with the amount you set for a project. There may be minor adjustments along the way, but interior designers would ensure that budget concerns will not blow up in your face. They can introduce you to design concepts or pieces that will create a double purpose. For instance, investing in a beautifully designed sink which also doubles as a centerpiece turns this utilitarian element into a showpiece for that specific area.

Give you sustainable design options

A design concept that suits your family now and in the future are one of the strengths upheld by a good interior design company. Singapore homeowners have their unique aesthetics which stems from culture, personal taste, and environmental influences. People today have an inclination towards clean, sleek and minimalistic design which is not only a sustainable but also a classic. You’re paying good money for something that can be enjoyed for several years to come.

What else can you get out of a professional interior design company? If you want to know more of what this investment will give you, come talk to us today. Allow us to walk you through our creative concepts while incorporating your touch to transform the special spaces in your home.

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