Interior Design Challenges for Commercial Spaces

Interior Design Challenges for Commercial Spaces

Designing commercial spaces can be tricky business, and that is why you need to get the best help you can to create a unique and engaging design. As you wade through the confusion of this whole process, allow us to give you a heads up on the usual challenges that could stop you right on your tracks.

Deciding on a style

Expectations and design aesthetics are constantly evolving, therefore, it is imperative that businesses also adapt their interiors to reflect the current taste of their customers and employees. However, what can nimble their design concepts is when they simply stick to a current trend. This is why planning on a certain style can be rather tricky.

So how then will you be able to decide on a certain style?

First you have to think of the type of business you have. If you have a restaurant, how do you want people to feel? Do you want to effect a mood that is more subdued or something that is more lively?

Decide on a direction that you want to take and work around that. If you are not sure of where to start, or if you have conflicting ideas with a partner, always have professional help come in. If you are just starting out, selecting and preparing your business facility needs some time to consider.

Making your decor match your ethics

If your design interpretation shows classic lines and shapes, it might not be supported if your business communicates hip and trendy. It’s not about being all matchy-matchy, but it’s about having your aesthetics compliment your business ethics. Let your interior design already compliment what you are about as a business. Take for example, the very famous Google offices, and all its colors and geometric designs. This shows you that they are about innovation, creativity and fun. Looking at those interiors already would tell you this is a fun place to work in.

Now wouldn’t you want your potential clients or customers feel that same way even with that just one glance?

Colour style

The role of colors play an integral part of interior design. It’s not just about the paint you have on your walls, but all the other furniture and fittings that are in a certain space. Colors influence the human emotions, which is why you need to ensure that you pick the ones that only imbibe positive outcome for your business.

A coat of paint, or a splash of colors through certain accessories can help camouflage design problems and other defects. Color is also affected by the light that falls on it, therefore it is important that you observe how your surroundings and the natural light affect it. Furthermore, this will also help you decide on the light fixtures that you will have in your space.

When you understand colors and the effect of lights, whether natural or artificial, then you can effectively create focal points in your commercial space that adds a personal touch. If you are running a food and beverage business, it can affect the customer’s emotion, menu selection, their length of stay, the size of their check and how often they return to feed that emotional desire.

Conflicting design aesthetics

We have mentioned this earlier, and it’s nothing new, especially when there are multiple business owners. In fact it is even a common challenge even in designing a family home. It might be that one prefers a minimalistic design concept, while the other prefer to go another direction.

Finding common ground can be the tricky part. How then can you resolve this?

The answer is having someone mediate. This is where professional help would come very helpful. If you want modern while the other prefers classical, get the help of experts to help you come with a fusion of these two styles. A good commercial interior designer would be able to marry these two concepts beautifully.

Form and function

There is an increasing focus on ergonomic design today as more business owners go for furniture that are comfortable and cost-effective. It is important that you also take the comfort of your customers into consideration, meanwhile ensuring that you are also investing in durable materials.

Fortunately, there are several furniture providers whose design aesthetics are also changing to reflect this need. They are incorporating durable materials that are also stylish, like rustic wood, tempered glass, or metal finishes.

Don’t put any furniture just for the sake of having one. Make sure that it’s not only functional but aesthetically-pleasing as well.

How do you want people to feel

This has been mentioned several times already, and it is only right that we emphasize this especially in decorating commercial spaces. Whether if it is your employees, visitors, or customers, never fail to give to exude a positive influence through your design.

In one study, ambiance affect everything from the perceptions on responsiveness and reliability. It can be a determining factor as to how long customers wants to stay, how much they spend, and the frequency of coming back. When you are able to set the right atmosphere through your interiors,  customers and even employees, feel comfortable and enjoy their experience. You can see such commercial interior design in Singapore, which reflects the dynamic taste of customers.

If you are struggling with how to create a functional and creative commercial interior design, Singapore has one of the best team to give you what your business needs. We at OPUS will help you through this challenging time of figuring out your space, and ensuring that is efficient and cost-effective, without undermining aesthetics.

We understand that aesthetics are constantly evolving but we strive to adapt and meet your expectations to reflect the current tastes of  every client. If you have more questions, feel free to e-mail or call us for a meeting. We would be happy to plan your success with you through commercial spaces that work!

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