What Goes into Designing Workplaces that Actually Work?

Did you know that office productivity is largely affected by the working environment that employees have? Some companies understand that a good workspace is actually a good business tool. So if you want to create an office design that attracts and motivates the workforce, here are the essentials you need to take into consideration. Status Quo The demand for high productivity among employees leave management teams brainstorming on what to do to stay above this competitive survival. Besides pushing the envelope with the quality of work that must be produced, companies are also looking into the people side of productivity because it has a direct correlation to the revenue that a company generates. Therefore, such a factor should not be simply overlooked. According to experts, “businesses that ignore the design and layout of their workplaces are failing to optimize the full value of their human capital”. A poorly designed office can hinder basic tasks which results in a waste of time and frustration. Meanwhile, those who saw the value in having a good workplace design saw a marked improvement in attraction, staff satisfaction, motivation and retention. To create an environment that invigorates your workforce, here are some pointers. 1. The Right Balance of Sensory Stimulation A good design should be considerate of the physical and emotional needs of the employees which can be translated through an effective work design. The right use of color, space, lighting, furnishings and even the aroma all evoke a positive sensory stimulation. For instance, inviting in more natural light into your office space provides a wider color spectrum which allows people to perform basic tasks.... read more

Interior Design Challenges for Commercial Spaces

Designing commercial spaces can be tricky business, and that is why you need to get the best help you can to create a unique and engaging design. As you wade through the confusion of this whole process, allow us to give you a heads up on the usual challenges that could stop you right on your tracks. Deciding on a style Expectations and design aesthetics are constantly evolving, therefore, it is imperative that businesses also adapt their interiors to reflect the current taste of their customers and employees. However, what can nimble their design concepts is when they simply stick to a current trend. This is why planning on a certain style can be rather tricky. So how then will you be able to decide on a certain style? First you have to think of the type of business you have. If you have a restaurant, how do you want people to feel? Do you want to effect a mood that is more subdued or something that is more lively? Decide on a direction that you want to take and work around that. If you are not sure of where to start, or if you have conflicting ideas with a partner, always have professional help come in. If you are just starting out, selecting and preparing your business facility needs some time to consider. Making your decor match your ethics If your design interpretation shows classic lines and shapes, it might not be supported if your business communicates hip and trendy. It’s not about being all matchy-matchy, but it’s about having your aesthetics compliment your business ethics. Let your... read more

What Does Your Office Design Need to Promote Productiveness?

Our environment influences our behavior and how we are motivated to act. This is why if you want to infuse a positive drive into your employees, creating the right environment really counts. How they feel about their direct surroundings is reflected in the work output, so in that respect, it pays for employers to consider how the workplace affects a person’s mood. Your workplace and your mood There are several studies which support the physical environment of a workplace playing a significant role in the worker’s well-being and behavior. Aside from other factors that also affect the work performance of employees, it is their direct surroundings that they are immersed in every day. Hence it is a factor that is largely influential in the work they produce. According to Roger Ulrich, whose work, ‘View through a window may influence recovery from surgery’ was published in the Science journal, ”Many physical workspaces are typically designed for functional effectiveness, and do not typically take into account the needs and goals of those who will use and interact with this workspace.” He further contends that “in order to promote wellness through physical surroundings it is imperative to consider the needs, goals, and motives of the end user, as a central and guiding component to the design of the physical work environment.” When the goals, needs, and motives are taken into consideration, the physical environment can then be used to cultivate and support a work environment that is “psychologically supportive.” Furthermore, another study by Lee and Brand published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology 2005 supported the first author’s claim. They found that... read more

6 Reasons A Dream Home Needs an Interior Design Company

An exceptional design is said to evoke powerful emotions that attract you to a particular space that beckons you to come back time and again. A great design is the stuff of memorable homes, however, the questions are, how do you make it to be so? And do you really need help from a professional interior design company to nail the look you desire? Most of us are willing to spend good money on our homes. Why wouldn’t we when aside from being a domicile this can be a haven or a sanctuary for most. More than just living there, many would prefer that their stay is comfortable and memorable – pretty much just every bit the definition of fine living. For Singaporeans who are looking for a smart and creative way to transform spaces and make it into a home, many would find that a good designer would take them to the heart of it. The not-so-attractive part about beauty You might have envisioned a home similar to the ones you’ve seen in home and design magazines, all pristine and well put together. A plush seat set against the beautiful backdrop of a beautiful window accentuated with cascading curtains that have just the right hue to compliment the color of the walls. Yes, this may seem idyllic but it’s the details behind the scenes that tell a different story. The effort behind creating a good space goes way beyond simply choosing palettes, changing a light, or tossing out old furniture in place of modern ones. It takes a good plan and smart budgeting techniques to pull together a... read more

10 Home Interior Design Essentials for Homeowners

Planning on a home interior design may not be as easy as it sounds because a good one is not just about placing an ottoman on one corner, repainting a living room, or putting up an island in your kitchen. The reality is that it takes several details to turn a house into a home. If you are one who might not have any idea where to start, here are ten essentials you can take into consideration. Go with what you like When embarking on a project for designing your home, always remember to make it your own. It will be your living space after all, so choose all the necessary accoutrements that best suit your style and lifestyle. Even when hiring a home interior design company, it is still important to work with them closely to end the project satisfied. Going for trends doesn’t also promise that you’d be happy with how your interiors might turn up. Even with professional help, always make your design preferences are, whether it be classic, minimalist or eclectic, and work from there. Determine the main function Another important aspect to consider when planning the interior design of your home is determining how a particular space will be used. This is the part where you marry a good design with functionality. So you decide how a space will be used, the appliances you want to put in, and even how much time you might be spending there. Once you narrow that down, you are then well-equipped with the information on what to purchase, the kind of furniture you want to use, and the... read more

Making Every Design A Magnum

Making Every Design A Magnum OPUS Singapore-based OPUS Design & Build continues to infuse its own brand of flair into the utilitarian world of industrial and residential construction. As a full-service firm that supports every step of the building process, OPUS has a proven track record which includes the Bank of Singapore and the Peninsula & Excelsior Hotel.

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